About Meg

F5F66305-1E93-43FC-A9F1-060FA2ACEB2AEver since she was a little girl, Meagan has held an innate desire to help others. With a compassionate and caring heart, she has always tried to make a difference in the lives of those around her. These attributes, along with a determined and hard working nature, brought Meagan to attend nursing school in her 20s—following the footsteps of her proud grandmother.

In 2010, Meagan graduated from the practical nursing program, where she began her career as an LPN. She gained valuable experience in long-term care, acute medicine, and teaching. During that time, Meagan wanted to expand her options, level of responsibility, and begin to work with a specialized population. She went back to school from 2012-2016, and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Throughout her degree program, Meagan volunteered as a CRNBC Student Representative, and worked as an employed student nurse in pediatric-emergency. Meagan was recognized for her leadership skills and was rewarded a certificate of Professional Leadership at the end of her program.

Meagan continued to pursue her dreams of becoming a specialized neonatal nurse. She landed her dream career, and was chosen to complete specialty training at BCIT, followed by a full-time position in the NICU at BC Women’s Hospital. Although Meagan loved what she was doing—passed her exams, and was doing exceptionally well in her new position—life seemed to have other plans for her. Just one day after writing her board exam, she was side-swiped by a semi-truck, taken off the road, and was forced to take time off to rehabilitate. During this time, Meagan had a head MRI for an unrelated issue, which discovered a large, non-malignant brain tumour. She attempted to go back to work as she awaited many specialists appointments, and ultimately decided she needed time off to care for her emotional and physical needs.

It was determined that Meagan would require neurosurgery. On Valentines day, 2017, Meagan underwent a 10-hour brain surgery, leading to left-sided deafness, and the loss of her balance. Not only was this surgery a life-changing event, but Meagan felt as though she lost her identity as a nurse and her purpose in life.

However, Meagan did not stay down for long. She dedicated time for healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With many emotions, she grieved the loss of her previous goals and dreams, began meditating and searching for her purpose once again. Overtime, and support through counselling and coaching, Meagan discovered a burning desire to help individuals who were struggling emotionally. With immense empathy and life experience, Meagan decided to pursue a new career path to help others who need support the same way she did.

Meagan registered for a 3 month life coaching course, where she learned how to empower individuals to create transformation in their lives. With grit and determination, Meagan set out to create a career that merges both nursing and coaching—as she knows the value that both profession can have in someone’s life.

Healing with Meg Nursing Services was born, and Meagans sense of purpose sky rocketed once again. Meagan wants to be the person she needed when she was struggling—and to help people move forward after experiencing turmoil. She is excited to help people recognize their greatest potential and to motivate them to make lasting changes in their lives.

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